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Green in Groningen

We are not just losing nature at a fast pace, we are forgetting it. In urban societies we easily forget the fact that nature is all around us, that we are a part of it and that it forms a big part of who we are.


This means that modern societies are often not even aware of what they are losing. It also explains part of the anxiety disorders that currently plague many first world countries. Scientific studies have shown that contact with nature reduces stress levels and strengthens our immune system, we are physiologically atuned to nature.

I am a biologist and find nature all around me. It helps me remember who I am. Green in Groningen is my attempt to help people remember nature. To reduce this dramatic divide between humans and the rest of our natural family. I would like to show you that nature is all around us, and that you can easily find it within the city of Groningen, as well as immediately around it.

Do you know how many different birds live in our city parks?

Have you ever looked carefully at the moss that grows on trees?

Can you guess why some trees flower before they grow leaves?

What surprises can you find under a rock or old log?

For me, helping people remember nature is a first step to save the world. It may also be your first step towards a happier and healthier life!

What I do?

In short, I offer walks through the nature in and around Groningen. And then we see what we can find. Birds? Insects? Plants? A place to breath freely and let the stress behind? It changes every time, for so is nature, always a surprise.

You can come alone or in a small group and everyone is welcome.

How does it work?

The walks can take place on Thursday or Sunday mornings and last 1-2 hours. 

The location can be agreed upon depending on your preferences.

If you would like join, let me know at least one week in advance. You can contact me via the form below.

The price is 15 eur, or 12,5 eur/person for groups.

Depending on the season and location, water-proof clothing/shoes may be recommended. If you have binoculars, bring them along, they will be useful.

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Come find the Green in Groningen!

Thank you for your contact!

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